Flight Review (BFR)

A flight review is designed to help pilots assess their flying skills and determine if there has been any deterioration in areas that may adversely affect flight safety. The flight review should be a learning experience for the pilot. It is not a checkride and cannot be failed, but satisfactory performance is necessary to complete a flight review. Once completed, your instructor will provide a logbook endorsement.

Before your flight review, your instructor will get to know you and the type of flying you do, in order to custom-tailor your flight review experience. Your instructor will discuss the types of tasks you will be performing and what preparation you will need prior to the review. At a minimum, regulations require at least one hour of ground training and one hour of flight training. The ground training must include a discussion of applicable Part 91 regulations.

See the AOPA Pilot’s Guide to the Flight Review for more information on what you can expect in a flight review.

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