Full Name of Lead Person, First Names of Others (like this: John Doe, Sandy, Mike)
IE: 140/210/180 or 140, 210, 180 for 3 Seater and IE: 170/210/180/110/105 for 5 Seater
You'll get a TEXT a few days before your flight with GPS directions and Sunset time (if applicable).
WE DO NOT SEND OUT EMAIL CONFIRMATIONS. Please refrain from calling to ask about the email you never got. We never sent it. We never do. But, we need this for International guests and as a back up way to reach you. Mahalo
We'll contact you ONLY IF your desired day & time is NOT available; Otherwise, You're All Set! PLEASE NOTE THE DAY AND TIME YOU'RE BOOKING: Write it down or make a calendar entry.
Please use our ALOHA box below to share your desires if "Other, Custom or Not Listed."
You are NOT being charged now: HOLDS Your Reservation Only; PLEASE BRING YOUR CARD.
Please type any special message, request, or detail above if needed. MAHALO & A L O H A ! [CONCIERGE PARTNERS ONLY: Please Specify Desired TIME/ COMPANY & PROPERTY NAME/ YOUR NAME/ YOUR CELL #/ AND VOUCHER # IN THE BOX ABOVE. ( Example : 10AM/Dream Desks/Taj Mahal/Jenny/808-555-1212/#123456-7 ) - EXPECT CONFMTN PHONE CALL. MAHALO & A L O H A !]

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