Maui Plane Rides is all about YOU, not us!
You’re looking for a thrilling family activity, an affordable plane ride to create cherished memories for life, a special activity that’s expected to be a highlight of your time on Maui, or a truly exquisite shared experience with a loved one during a famous Maui sunset.
You know there are many ways to do something, usually a smaller number of good ways, even fewer best ways, and often just one, most affordable, best way. 
You’ve discovered the best value above Maui’s sky:  our ‘Best Price Promise’.  Bring us any published ‘chopper’ flight time and rate per person and we promise you:  you’ll Fly Longer, See More, and Spend Less with Maui Plane Rides!


  • We’re professional, FAA Commercial Pilots and Certified Flight Instructors with years of flying experience.
  • We sat next to a FAA Flight Inspector during our grueling and intense flight test when obtaining our Instructor credentials; we demonstrated absolute proficiency, ability, skill and talent in handling the airplane, exhibited smooth, safe, and standard procedures, dominated the plane safely throughout any anomaly introduced, and ensured safe outcomes resulted every time, all the time.
  • We have met or exceeded the highest possible standards of civil pilot training and testing in existence.
Maui Plane Rides: Offering Hands-On Maui Discovery Flights, Fun Airplane Rides, Flight Training and Plane Rental on Beautiful Maui, Hawaii.

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